Adrianne Lenker brought the heat (well, metaphorically speaking) to The Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow with her intimate gig that felt more like a campfire jam session.

The stage was set with just the essentials and a couple of lava lamps, giving off those cozy vibes that make you want to huddle up and listen closely.

But the night wasn’t without its surprises. Right at the start of Adrianne’s set, there was a bit of a medical situation – nothing too serious, thankfully, and it didn’t throw things off too much. And then, just when you thought things were back on track, about halfway through, another one cropped up. But hey, credit to Adrianne, ably assisted by the evening’s support act, Nick Hakim, they handled it like pros, keeping the show rolling without missing a beat.

Despite the unexpected bumps in the road, the gig felt incredibly personal and real, like you were hanging out with old friends rather than watching a performance. It’s those kinds of moments that make live music truly unforgettable, the performance itself was nothing short of spellbinding.

Adrianne treated the audience to a selection of songs from her recent solo albums, as well as some gems from her day job as front woman of Big Thief. With Nick’s soulful contributions adding depth to the music, they took everyone on a musical journey that left everyone in awe.

It wasn’t just a gig – it was an experience.

Nick Hakim – Old Fruitmarket

Words and pictures: Kevin Rooney @knkography