Opening act KAETO captivates the crowd with an ethereal look juxtaposed with a new wave/ indie/ alt pop / electronic, whispery and screamy slow sound. I’m not exactly sure what to call it!

You can expect the unexpected with KAETO and her strong stage presence and unique, sweet and slightly raspy voice. I don’t imagine it will be very long until the band will be selling out the Barrowlands themselves! 

New Jersey boys BLEACHERS make their great return to Glasgow, playing a sold out Barrowland ballroom and they did not disappoint. Frontman Jack Antonoff expresses his gratitude towards a sold out audience as he tells us the story of how the band had only been to Glasgow once before and preformed to just nine people. After tonight’s performance it’s clear to see why the band has had such an enormous jump in the Scottish fanbase with those feel good sounds that could have been made for any coming of age film – the type that make you believe that anything is possible.

It’s obvious Antonoff is what can be described as a “good frontman” with the energy of a star and likeable personality with lighthearted humour, air kicks and dream vocals but it appears that he is something a bit deeper than that – a sort of role model as he makes the audience tear up in an inspiring speech about one’s own journey and carrying yourself throughout your own life, the struggles we go through that can go unnoticed by people we know and people who we pass by but the thing there in between it all is music holding us together. This band is a shrine of hope for the future of music.

The band surprised the audience by playing a fantastic cover of The Waterboys “Whole of the Moon” that had us all hooked. The energy was unmatched throughout the whole of the set, with sing it back lyrics, indie rock guitar and drum and saxophone solos that would make anyone want to dance. Even a bit of the cliched blood, sweat and tears made it into the show as Antonoff cuts his finger playing the guitar and is sure to get that plastered up as soon as possible – now that’s true rock and roll.

The Audience are encouraged to get up on each other’s shoulders (creating the atmosphere you hope to feel at any gig you go to ) before the band do their final songs, as the lead singer explains: “No offence to other bands but we’re gonna do the full fucking show we’re not gonna walk off and make you clap and come back out” It made me laugh when he said that. Why have we been doing that all this time? I don’t know but I know that it made me like the band even further as each member played instrumental outros so impressive I didn’t want it to end.

This band has truly got something magic about them and I feel you actually would be missing out if you were not to see them perform live at any point. It is an absolute must. 

Words and pictures: Rose McEnroe @rosemcenroephoto